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Tax was automatically deducted by HMRC from your PPI settlement at the Basic Rate of 20%. The Personal Savings Allowance (PSA) allows Basic Rate (20%) taxpayers to earn up to £1,000 a year of savings interest tax-free. PPI payments had 20% automatically deducted by the banks which was sent to the HMRC. So, if, like most people, you haven’t earned over your PSA in the year your PPI claim was repaid, then you may be due a rebate.

Rebates are usually finalised within 4 to 6 weeks of receiving your signed LOA form back. However, this can be quicker or take longer depending on the workload at HMRC.

This is usually detailed on your payslip, your P60, in a letter from the Department for Work and Pensions or on the bank statement that your Pension is paid into.

We will use your email or mobile to give you access to our dedicated online portal. This will be updated throughout the process and will inform you of updates and refund calculations.

Yes. We are able to help with Marriage Tax Claims, Uniform Tax Claims and Construction Tax Claims. When we receive your LOA, you will be given access to the portal where you can complete the application for the other Rebate services.

This information is used to investigate and advise upon the tax rebate and to complete the relevant tax reclaim forms. We take the information provided in the LOA to complete the HMRC tax forms.

Both firms work on the rebate process together. SPW will act as your main day to day contact and we use the specialist services of FOSB to handle the process with HMRC.

There are no upfront fees, and we work on a No Rebate No Fee basis. It is completely free to submit a claim. The fees are detailed in the Terms of Business.

No. HMRC does not endorse or affiliate itself with ANY private company. FOSB are a private company, which is registered as an agent with HMRC, that specialises in tax rebates.

Payments will always be made into a bank account provided by yourself or via cheque and posted to the address given on the LOA form.